Cerebral Palsy and Autism Organization (CPARO) has a well-established Organizational structure. At the helm of the Organization there is the Board of Directors that is composed of the founder members and other people with Cerebral Palsy and parents/ caretakers from various parts of Uganda. The Executive Board Committee runs the Secretariat which is based at CPARO office headed by the chairman Board of Directors and currently employs five support staff to manage the organisational work and implement activities.

Cerebral Palsy and Autism Organization (CPARO) has got policies in place which act as guiding tools in the running of the institution.


  • Board Charter and Governance Policy
  • Financial Manual
  •  Grants Management Manual
  • Procurement and Disposal of Assets manual
  • Safeguarding Policy
  •  Fraud, Whistle Blower Protection and Risk Management Policy.
  • Human Resource Policy & Employee Handbook
  • Child Protection Policy