• Recently CPARO Conducted a Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Workers Training in partnership with Xavier project sponsored by Comic Relief-UK with an aim of delivering health services to persons with Cerebral Palsy and Autism in refugees settlement areas which include; Kampala, Imvepi, and Rwamwanja.
  •  CPARO Managed to get local donations of both food and medical rations from religious leaders that include Muslims and Christians. CPARO distributed the above items to the families of people with Cp and Autism
  • Previously CPARO managed to secure some donations from Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT) on the COVID-19 Relief campaign. The donation helped a lot in promoting the quality of life of people with Cerebral Palsy and Autism together with their families. The grant was used to provide Personal Protective Equipment such as face masks, sanitizer, and soap as well as providing food staffs like; Maize flour, beans, cooking oil, rice among others.
    CPARO has so far registered 500 homes of persons with CP and Autism. In these homes there are mothers/Caregivers and other relatives of persons with Cp and Autism. As a matter of fact before CPARO made awareness about CP and Autism most people in communities had negative attitude where they call the victims a curse and due to that perception families with the above said persons thought that taking their affected Children to shrines and other places of worship was the only way to fight the scourge. After the intervention of CPARO, people in the communities have now known that CP and Autism are health conditions but not a curse. And thus CPARO has been able to attend to some medical conditions associated with CP and Autism through her medical center (CPARO MEDICAL CENTRE) located in Gayaza Kayebe, Kasangati Town Council, Wakiso District.
    Through awareness, sensitization, mobilization and other related outreach programs CPARO has managed to sell her ideologies in communities of her operation. In addition we have been able to reach individual families to address the issue of parents/caregivers who ground children with CP and Autism indoors and thus denying them their rights of freedom and expression.
  • CPARO has undertaken the challenges faced by marginalised groups of persons living with CP and Autism together with their families
  • CPARO is fully registered in Uganda and recognized by NUDIPU the umbrella Organization of people with disabilities in Uganda.
    CPARO MEDICAL CENTRE was formed in order to address health concerns of people living with CP and Autism plus their families